You see

Published on 14:04, 09/30,2019

When it comes to love, boyfriends, men and women...It doesn't mind if he's pretty, handsome, very good looking, or somehow some people think he isn't for you because you two are not alike physically. No.


At the end, it's all the same. Heart, soul, good sense of humour, brain, GETTING ALONG WELL TOGETHER, all that really matters.


Heart and soul. Pretty guy without it is really the ugliest  in the room, and doesn't fit you.


Heart, soul, sense of humour, brain counts.


So, my Sam, i had an AMAZING guy...It was a lottery. I was so lucky to find him. 

Physical appearance means nothing. 


I wish the next guy Sam-alike appears.  <3

Dear Mr. Trump

Published on 12:59, 09/30,2019

Here in Serbia we are very found of you. But, i must speak something in my name.

Why i don't like Serbian boys. You see. Serbian people.

You are a father. 

My father is suffering! I know it's painful for him to watch this for his daughter, no parent on this planet wants something like that ever happen to his child.

You are a father. Imagine your daugthers like that! On their own. 

Imagine. My dad is suffering i will never NEVER NEVER forgive them that. Never. 


They are sadists! My dad... 

The thing i most love about Jojo Moyes books

Published on 11:19, 09/30,2019

Her warmness, intimacy, her world is restricted, crowded, as my world too. And i love it. <3