Just to declare something

Published on 09:15, 09/14,2019

I am looking for a job. Really, guys. <3 I'm not going to sit at home. I just...i couldn't stay at the previous job, i really really didn't like it...No one was smiling, not even once, the atmosphere was so bad. But, the boss was so unlikable, really. I just couldn't. 

I really couldn't.

 In the next job i will stand everything, put up with everything, i will endure on the job. I just simply couldn't be with that woman. 

 I am looking for a job. :) 

I'm quite afraid that the heart will jump out of my chest

Published on 09:05, 09/14,2019

When i only think of him. I can't remember my heart ever literally jumped like this. 

This is my plan ^^

Published on 08:51, 09/14,2019

I gave up from the last job because of surrounding. I really had to. Sorry.

I'm going to look now, with no hurry, but also not so slowly...Maybe waitress in a Coffee dream. 

There's no need for panic. but also not for LYing down, too...I'm working on it...

\/ <3 <3 <3