I love my life.

Published on 16:25, 09/22,2019

I love my life style. That's just me, who i am.  

For many people it' boring...uniteresting. But that's me. 

I live like i want. Or like i have to, because i'm not sure i can live other way. 


I know i said i do.

Published on 07:50, 09/22,2019

But i didn't reallt think. Dear Jens, i think you ARE  a good man. But, you see, i'm a little afraid of you, i don't know how much darkness you have in you, i'm not sure in your character. And i am really afraid. I want to be with you but CAN'T. 

I really, can't. I realize my Sam is from Serbia. Here is my home after all. <3

I'm so sorry.