Open letter to mister Stoltenberg..:)

Published on 17:17, 09/18,2019

Hello. Just to inform you, this surname on my facebook profile, can't be changed until the october 6th, and that is the only reason why i have it there. 

I don't want to be with you. Thank you.

 Wish you good luck and good things in your life. Goodbye 

Izvinite! Izvinite! Volela bih da budemo u dobrim odnosima!

Published on 11:26, 09/18,2019

Sta jos treba da uradim?


:* <3 

There's no need to tell much...something is different now.

Published on 11:03, 09/18,2019

But i had to add this, this completely describes my feelings:


''Samo sam zelela da osetim njegovu kozu na svojoj. Zelela sam da opet budem potpuno njegova, da me sasvim obavije, da me poseduje.'' Da.   <3

Something weird...

Published on 10:28, 09/18,2019

Is happenn8ng. I can imagine myself with him.