Published on 15:56, 09/20,2019

It's kinda silly, but...


I like

Published on 15:36, 09/20,2019

I like staying at  home, reading a book, watching tv.  And Me before you is definitely about me! I am perpetuated in that trilogy, that's so me, i am so happy, i am so happy someone remembered me. I think, this is the perfect, this is really me, this is me.  I like that life. 

I am really really happy with that life. Isn't that supposed to be, for everyone to like their life? I like mine. But i perfectly understand someone's else life. But it's not my life.

And, i miss my Sam to come so much, it hurts how much i miss, but what can i do?

 It's so funny, it's so good, i am so happy, that book is definitely about me!!!!!!


Oh, it hurts so much.  


Going to work

Published on 14:50, 09/20,2019

to get money to go to New York. <3 ^^ <3

I'm going to make a list what to do in New York! I have couple ideas already. Oh.  

I'm so happy.

Published on 11:50, 09/20,2019

Thank you. <3 I...love you. <3