If i am a lesbian as you think that i am

Published on 21:28, 03/31,2019

Can you just explain me why i don't feel need to kiss or something else someone the same sex as i am? why? it would be discusting to me! sorry, but, really. i really really don't like Sara or any other girl in that way. I am in love with Jens Stoltenberg...But, you can think whatever you want...I never never never thought of Sara in some loving sense!! fuj. really.

Toliko sam zaljubljena...I am so in love...

Published on 19:16, 03/31,2019

It's easier for you to understand me in english. :) But, mostly i speak with my soul to J.

 I am so in love...I...love him so much.

I want to have a baby, a child with him. Is it too much to say that, or to think about that? 

It makes me cry when i think i'm not with him...

I don't know how to describe.  


Published on 13:46, 03/31,2019

It is quite embarassing to say this out loud...i want to have his baby. <3

and i want to make love to him. and now i will stop because...it's private. :D <3


i will apologize and do what you want

Published on 08:33, 03/31,2019

just tell me for what and why are you so angry? but to my country i can not forgive. at least you didn't torture me for ten years. and i don't want to think about that