I'm so sorry, i so regret about telling never coming to Europe, the world

Published on 20:47, 04/29,2019


Jelena Jokic.

Published on 12:38, 04/27,2019

If you read this...First of all, i want to explain this to my dearest public. 

Jelena Jokic and i were friends through high school and after that couple of years more. 


except my  brother, he is so funny too. 

I am guilty for our friendship's end. I was irresponsible, immature.


If you read this Jelena, that is changed, i'm no longer like that, not that much. I care for you. 

 Our good times...Our good times!  I never laughed so much with anyone in my life

I just feel the urge to tell...

Published on 17:10, 04/26,2019

I wouldn't be impolate or rude or anything bad towards you, ''foreigners'', in the whole world... Because i never had bad experience with you, even if i have i'm sure it wouldn't be like this. Nothing can be worse than this.

And, i have good feelings towards you. 

I would be so happy if my family leave Serbia. Oh! Oh....If... 

I love him

Published on 20:14, 04/25,2019



Published on 19:06, 04/25,2019

Time didn't show you who i am...My people here in Serbia still believe in their fairytale. :) <3333333

Koliko god to smesno zvucalo

Published on 15:09, 04/25,2019

Mislim da me Jens Stoltember bolje poznaje. Psim ako i on ne voli onu verziju koju misle da sam ja...

Ja uopste nisam takva kakva mislite da jesam.  

i love him so much.

Published on 20:17, 04/24,2019

i would be so happy...

What are you talking about? Mange who? I never even liked him.

Published on 07:50, 04/22,2019

you are really show. 

i love the world but i don't want sadistic serbia to follow me.

Published on 08:59, 04/17,2019


i just need someone to accept me as i am...

Published on 20:38, 04/16,2019

LOTS OF LOVE FOR YOU GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUYS <33333333333333333333333333333



i'm really don't doing anything against you or to displease you. really people

Published on 20:28, 04/16,2019

sorry people. it's just me. :) <3

 sorry. everyone imagine me differently. it's not your fault. 

i look like that.  


It hurts me to write in serbian. Maybe because they are torturing me like that...

Published on 20:15, 04/16,2019

Mira and other friends wants me to talk more. But, i don't know how to act...

 It hurts me i'm not accepted nowhere. At least BBC loves me <3 AND OTHER NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33333333


tHEY DON'T WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH SOMEONE WHO DOESN'T talk (sorry for caps lock)  that much. I'm really trying. It hurts.


But i always imagined i will hve that one person who will be with me and who will understand me...


But i never tried to despite you! Really! I'M NOT DOING ANYTHING

 No one wants to be friends with me. Everyone likes...but at the same time everyone seems to love me. I am really funny but..I'm weird.



I'm really don't doing anything in spite of you, or to contirate you.

Published on 20:11, 04/16,2019

Really, i didn't want to tell you because i was mad, but i never did anything  to despite or something like that. I'm just like that. Sorry for that...

You don't understand.

Published on 19:57, 04/16,2019

It's who i am. Depressed, quiet... you got in in my brain. That's the usual me.

I'm quiet. They want me to talk more, Mira oftenly says something like that suptile. 

I'm just that.  


Published on 17:01, 04/15,2019

I quite love being with you.I will always love.

 I'm watching Primel rage! I imagine what it would be like if i would be in one horror movie. Yeeeeiy


I love you guys. Whatever whenever i may say someth8ng bad that's a lie, 'cause i will always love you and enjoy being with you. 


Now, everything wpuld be better if i had my own person, someone who would be with me... Eh


Miss him so much