i dreamed

Published on 20:32, 04/12,2019

i cuddled with Jens Stoltenberg

 What can i say, he is perfect and i will always want just him! 

SANIA (this is my pronunciation

Published on 18:41, 04/12,2019

You see people, i don't know why is it so hard. People meet foreigners and be with them in their country all the time. I don't need some big name,  money (hahahahaa, I WOULD LIVE IN A COTTAGE, I WOULD WORK...we would be happy) or good looks to be with someone. 

So, why is it so hard for me to meet some foreigner, or someone from my country but lives in another) 

Why is it so hard for me but not for other people? I'm happy for them...  

But why is it so hard just for me, i don't understand...

So people, foreigners, feel free to add me, maybe i'm looking like i see only looks (hahahaha, NOOO) in people or something else, but it's not true.  


I don't care if you don't have money or other things. Most important is your heart.  Feel free to add me.

It would be good if i could be with Jens Stoltenberg, but obviously not gonna happen LOL :D 

Feel free to add me people.  


You really have the nerve to say that I AM CRUEL?

Published on 08:03, 04/12,2019

I thought you were good, Europe!  

I don't have ANY IDEA WHY IS SERBIA DOING THIS TO ME, but, i don't like them so i don''t really care really.