Published on 17:29, 09/15,2019

Ako treba da se izvinim zbog necega, izvinjavam se. Zaista bih volela da sve bude dobro i lepo.

Volela bih da imamo srecan zivot.

Sama sam, i volela bih da ovde nadjem nekoga. Da imam srecan zivot.


Hej, mozemo li to? Volela bih. Izvinite. 

Just to declare something

Published on 09:15, 09/14,2019

I am looking for a job. Really, guys. <3 I'm not going to sit at home. I just...i couldn't stay at the previous job, i really really didn't like it...No one was smiling, not even once, the atmosphere was so bad. But, the boss was so unlikable, really. I just couldn't. 

I really couldn't.

 In the next job i will stand everything, put up with everything, i will endure on the job. I just simply couldn't be with that woman. 

 I am looking for a job. :) 

I'm quite afraid that the heart will jump out of my chest

Published on 09:05, 09/14,2019

When i only think of him. I can't remember my heart ever literally jumped like this. 

This is my plan ^^

Published on 08:51, 09/14,2019

I gave up from the last job because of surrounding. I really had to. Sorry.

I'm going to look now, with no hurry, but also not so slowly...Maybe waitress in a Coffee dream. 

There's no need for panic. but also not for LYing down, too...I'm working on it...

\/ <3 <3 <3 


Published on 15:20, 09/13,2019

I know it's funny, at least it is funny to me, but i quite enjoy doing nothing now. :D OF COURSE i'm going to work, i'm going to work until i get retired, but it's so GOOD to know that  i'm not in so much hurry. I can get a breathe in. It's so comforting to know. Oh, yes.


I just wanted to say

Published on 17:38, 09/11,2019

I love my curves. I love, love them. <3 No dress can look better in a skinny body, maybe i admit i'm maybe not objective, maybe i'm subjective.. I just love my body and how dresses looks on it. And skirts and other styling. I love. <3





I found my job. Babysitter/nanny

Published on 12:19, 09/11,2019

:) Really, guys. :) <3 <3 <3 

How outsandingly gorgeous can he be?

Published on 11:59, 09/10,2019

No comments. 

Hey :)

Published on 11:42, 09/10,2019

Great day yesterday, today is my first working day. I hope it will be great. I will trying hard...

This is a good job.  I can't stop dreaming about someone's hands. This is torturing!

I like him a lot.  xXxx I like him a lot. xXxx Very much. A lot. xXxx

He is so...can't take my breath.  This are just my thoughts, i know there will be nothing of it. 

I like him. a lot.  <3

You are my home. I feel so happy with YOU. I love you.

Published on 10:42, 09/09,2019


If i love one thing about myself

Published on 10:33, 09/08,2019

It's that i really know to choose present for everyone. I really know how to pick. It's somehow in our family that,but again, i think i choose more according to personality the person i give. That is apsolutely satisfaction for me. I bought a punk necklace in Greece to my ex friend Jelena, and i saw, she still wears it, i went straight to the point! Toward Mirjana...well, she sent me a message a few days ago, and i notice she, it was her birhtday, she wanted me to come just to buy her a nice present. That is sad.

Of course, no one noticed that i love figures, and cute stuffs, no one bothered to buy something like that for my birthday. I got a purse..not exactly unique or sweet, cute...

No one notice what i like...It doesn't matter. :) 


I'm a little bit sad. No one bothered to buy me anything original or cute...Well..I suppose it's not so odd, after all, it's not big deal. It would be so, so , really nice if my boyfriend do that 

It was good!

Published on 14:59, 09/06,2019

<3333 I have probation on Monday..<3 I am so happy. 


I have an appointment, interview for a job tomorrow...

Published on 15:13, 09/05,2019

I have an interview for a job tomorrow. I'm so happy. 

Ready to go outside my shell, i suppose...The real life is knocking at my doors. <3

I have to meet new people, get experience.  I AM SO HAPPY. 

It will be, what will be. Interview is the first step.


This is so unfair...

Published on 14:38, 09/01,2019

I don't have any experience in job, who would hire me? It's hard enough i have to watch them, every day i step out of the house. 

 What did i do for god's sake to deserve this? What, what was so terribly wrong i did to anyone?

Just avoiding whole my family and friends...

Published on 16:16, 08/23,2019


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