Dear Mr. Trump

Published on 12:59, 09/30,2019

Here in Serbia we are very found of you. But, i must speak something in my name.

Why i don't like Serbian boys. You see. Serbian people.

You are a father. 

My father is suffering! I know it's painful for him to watch this for his daughter, no parent on this planet wants something like that ever happen to his child.

You are a father. Imagine your daugthers like that! On their own. 

Imagine. My dad is suffering i will never NEVER NEVER forgive them that. Never. 


They are sadists! My dad... 

The thing i most love about Jojo Moyes books

Published on 11:19, 09/30,2019

Her warmness, intimacy, her world is restricted, crowded, as my world too. And i love it. <3

Nasa kuca ima tri sprata! :)

Published on 21:36, 09/29,2019

Necu da ostavim roditelje. Nikada. Obavestenje za muskarce u Srbiji.

Published on 20:21, 09/29,2019

Mama i ja idemo u paketu. A ako bih zivela sa deckom tata bi mogao da dolazi svaki dan, koliko hoce. Naravno, bice dogovora, ne bas svaki dan. 

Ali idemo u paketu. Uvek cu ziveti sa mamom. Tako da, ako neko hoce da bude sa mnom, odmah da kazem, da budem nacisto, i otvorena, u startu, da znate. 7To sam samo htela da kazem. Hvala. 

Who i am kidding? OPEN LETTER TO EVERY MAN.

Published on 19:37, 09/29,2019

Now, guys...This is what it is. This is who i am, i can't do differently. 

I want to stay forever with my parents, to make them company and nursing them. If any man would want to live with me, he would have to deal with that. Please, guys. This is it. 


I love you, i love you so much, but it would be for a short time.  

You don't have idea how much YOU MEAN TO ME

Published on 19:42, 09/28,2019

Only you love me. You....thank you. 

I know what she's doing

Published on 17:55, 09/28,2019

She's trying to push me away, to have my own life, with husband and kids. Listen to me.

I will always be with my mother. Always. If i have some love in foreign country it will be for a while.

I WILL COME BACK SHORTLY. And, if i have a husband, he will have to live with my mom and me.


I'm so sad.

Published on 19:28, 09/25,2019


i really exaggerate. DON'T LISTEN TO ME.

Published on 15:40, 09/25,2019

I am so in love with you. so in love. 

I love you

Published on 15:33, 09/25,2019



Published on 15:31, 09/25,2019

I trust you. He is so bad. 

You are my family.

Published on 15:24, 09/25,2019

I'll just say that my stepfather is bad. And mom is stuck with me, the quiet one.

I wish i can change myself. Who would say that i am quiet? 

I need you...

Published on 19:29, 09/24,2019

In a short time, i developed huge feelings towards you...

You are him alike. I really need you. I need you so much. I love you. 

I simply don't love them.

Published on 15:56, 09/24,2019


I am so happy here.

Published on 14:10, 09/23,2019


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