I'm sorry for lying her, i'm sorry.

Published on 21:45, 08/17,2020

Zao mi je sto sam je lagala, izvini.

Molim vas da ne pravite od ovoga linc. 

Svaka osoba vredi. Svaka osoba je bitna. Every person worths.

Published on 18:21, 08/17,2020

Every person counts. 

I don't have nothing against you for loving me because of my looks, as long as it is beside other :)

Published on 14:48, 08/17,2020


You all've gotted wrong

Published on 14:08, 08/17,2020

I enjoy being famous

Hey fellows

Published on 14:02, 08/17,2020

I've just listened on tv some American tv show about celebs, and something has bothered me. Something that you think.

I enjoy being famous and i loove it! I am eternal grateful to you and i love you! I really do.

Thing that bothers me, is that you think that i think, thing is that you don't like me because i'm pretty.

I want people to love me because of that (why not...why? That's nice.) but above all because i have so much love inside me to give you. To give to the whole world. 

 That tv show is good, but every actor was like, the thing i want to say is i love you, you don't have to be insecure.

That's my job.  I want to give you love. I want to give you love through my whole life.