Rade Markovic je manijak

Published on 19:10, 09/27,2020

Mislite da je meni prijatno da slusam njegovo pevusenje ljubavnih pesama, komentara. Bar ga vi kao narod osudite, kad vidi kako ga osudjujete prestace.

Ladno bih bila Franova devojka.

Published on 20:22, 09/22,2020

Ali u kuci su mi najlepsi, najpostojaniji Fran i Paola.

Ona je dobra cura. 

Ici cu u moje Uzice

Published on 14:22, 09/16,2020

U neko hostel na par dana

Pobeci cu odavde

Published on 13:03, 09/16,2020

Makar skapala od gladi na ulicama Cacka, kunem vam se

Ovih dana cu da smislim plan 

Dear Mister Donald Trump

Published on 19:35, 09/13,2020

Give me ONE example how did i was terrible to my people?  ONE EXAMLPE.

on the other side , i have thousands examples.


I'm guilty simply  because my heart can not love them. Because of something on which i can't influence. 

31 of december. You decide, wheter i'm staying here, or (better for me!) forever go.  

I don't know what i feel

Published on 17:50, 09/13,2020

But i know just one thing. I can't bear not seeing you, break up with you J.S. It's physical. 

You're my romantic other half.  <3

I belong to you, and i will always belong to you. I'm yours. Forever. <3 

Thank you God.

Published on 20:38, 09/12,2020

For having made me so lucky. 

Three wonderful men...i could choose even :)

Mister Jens Stoltenberg is my choice. He is very much alike me...

I want him. My kommandant.  

I just don't understand

Published on 10:37, 09/10,2020

How can those relationships exist. How a girl can not respect her ''other half'' behaving like that.

Sometimes i wish to shake her, or even slap her...I don't get it. I dont understand.

Perhaps i'll get it through a couple of years although my current opinion is that i'll never get it.

Your write on social media literally that you are with him just for not being alone!

You disrespect him. And they are ''good''.  You have never experienced love, do you know what that means? Ah. 

But, if they are good, if that really suits them...

Just not make fun of him, please. It's painful to watch.

But, B, you've chosen it....


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CI75k86plrc ...

Published on 16:43, 09/08,2020

Why am i so opssesed with intime questions...I've always needed a true girly friend. And now-finally, God has send me. I'm talking with Milica about everything...I never met so...It's like we're soulmates. 

I never talked with my mom about first sex, logically, because i never had a boyfriend, so there seemingly wasn't a need. And i would'nt like that conversation, by the way...

I will talk with my child. My mom was the best mom, i wouldn't like to have diffeerent, but we all have some flawes in child education, it's impossible to be perfect, right?

I would say to my child that the first time must be with someone you are in love with (or at that moment you believe), that you love. I'm not sure i'm good at giving advice at anything further than that. Saying that the boy must be good to you, in my case, sounds impossible and unreachable. I never had that experience.b So it sounds to me like a little too far. But of course, i would say that to her. He must respect her, love her, treat her well, be nice to her...

This new century has brought us quite disilussions, brought us down. 

Not expecting good things from boyfriend...I feel sorry for other girls. We all know what i'm talking about. 

But i'm not in that boyrfiend fase anymore. I'm in a -rockying- my -baby- in -the- chair.

Seems like everyone around me has found their partner, their life companion, dad for her chidlern, friend, lover. And me...What?  

 What's going to bring the last point of the nowadays relationship relations...Will any side be content? Being mean to each other at intervals, hurting each other, giving a little...fake love. I can't...It is impossible to live like that, without love, to be like that to anyone. You don't even respect him by doing that if you don't love him at least. I'm watching you with duscgust. Don't make him laugh at least, don't write that on the social medias, don't look like that on the photos, AT LEAST respect him. You can't that. How can anyone respect you?

Poor, poor B.

And what about me? About me who would give a true love to anyone? (And i would choose Mike) 


I can't imagine someone being in a situaton to help

Published on 19:24, 09/07,2020

And simply ignore

Is there anything worse than sick children?

Published on 16:02, 09/07,2020

Please help.

The thing about Louisa Clarke i dislike

Published on 10:51, 09/07,2020

Is that all looks fake. Too directed, acted, too ''readable'' , it's just an outlook ...too opssesed with her looks (even more than me). And her ''politeness'' just looks so fake to me. To directed, not really, not true. I understand that it's a book, but it's too much directed.

And she's not gracious.  Jojo Moyes imagined her like that i suppose... 

It's a good book, tho. I like it and very much enjoy it! Gives an irresistible description of New York. Adorable book. 

But, i need, i have to buy more books by Pam Jenoff. I adore her style of writing...




Published on 19:39, 09/04,2020

I really don't have heart anymore to listen and hear all the things he says. 

So, i'm going everytime he come to just be at the first level of the house. 

No more.  

Pa zar vidite koliko je lepo kad se ljudski odnosimo jedni prema drugima

Published on 12:34, 09/04,2020

Danas me u prevozu niko nije ismejavao, i svi su se ophodili prema meni kao prema svakom drugom ljudskom bicu.

Nemate pojma koliko bih vas volela kad bi tako bilo

Nista, nista, nista drugo nisam trazila.  Bila sam tako srecna danas. Hvala Vam. <3

Ja sam vas UVEK postovala i VOLELA sam vas ranije...Dok niste krenuli da me ismejavate...

Nemate pojma koliko bi lepo bilo u zivotima kada bismo nastavili da se odnosimo jedni prema drugima sa postovanjem.

Samo je to falilo. I sve bih vam ja dala. Danas ste me toliko odusevili. 

E tako se ''oni'', ''stranci'', oduvek odnose prema meni. Zato sam ih zavolela, volim ih, i volecu ih uvek.

Kao sto sam i vas uvek volela. I ako ovako bude ubuduce, volecu vas uvek.

Ali, zelim Dzareda, pa nemojte da se ljutite... Bicu uvek tu. Toliko sam srecna, mnogo ste me obradovali i odusevili

I love you so much, folks.

Published on 14:03, 09/01,2020

I love you. I belong to You.

I'm so happy here, with You. I'm so lucky. I'm so happy. 

My wish is to be with you forever. I cross my fingers (not to curse).

You are magnificent. I love my Serbia, too. 

But my wish is to live in the USA. PARTY IN THE USA, as would Miley said.

Your forests, your nature...Your attitudes, your principles..Make USA the place i would most like to live. 

I'm saying hello to all the countries in the world. We all have things to share. We are all important. We all counts. We all have It. 

I love you <3 Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank You.