Published on 16:43, 09/08,2020

Why am i so opssesed with intime questions...I've always needed a true girly friend. And now-finally, God has send me. I'm talking with Milica about everything...I never met so...It's like we're soulmates. 

I never talked with my mom about first sex, logically, because i never had a boyfriend, so there seemingly wasn't a need. And i would'nt like that conversation, by the way...

I will talk with my child. My mom was the best mom, i wouldn't like to have diffeerent, but we all have some flawes in child education, it's impossible to be perfect, right?

I would say to my child that the first time must be with someone you are in love with (or at that moment you believe), that you love. I'm not sure i'm good at giving advice at anything further than that. Saying that the boy must be good to you, in my case, sounds impossible and unreachable. I never had that experience.b So it sounds to me like a little too far. But of course, i would say that to her. He must respect her, love her, treat her well, be nice to her...

This new century has brought us quite disilussions, brought us down. 

Not expecting good things from boyfriend...I feel sorry for other girls. We all know what i'm talking about. 

But i'm not in that boyrfiend fase anymore. I'm in a -rockying- my -baby- in -the- chair.

Seems like everyone around me has found their partner, their life companion, dad for her chidlern, friend, lover. And me...What?  

 What's going to bring the last point of the nowadays relationship relations...Will any side be content? Being mean to each other at intervals, hurting each other, giving a little...fake love. I can't...It is impossible to live like that, without love, to be like that to anyone. You don't even respect him by doing that if you don't love him at least. I'm watching you with duscgust. Don't make him laugh at least, don't write that on the social medias, don't look like that on the photos, AT LEAST respect him. You can't that. How can anyone respect you?

Poor, poor B.

And what about me? About me who would give a true love to anyone? (And i would choose Mike)