Published on 11:32, 05/22,2019

I don't know why people see me in that kind of way, that is horrible. Like i am haughty, disadainful, domineering, high-blown girl. That hurts. When i see something in a serbian tv show, like i am really like that, i never think like that in a second! maybe for a second maybe, but won't other people think thant in a second too?

I am not like that. I am open-minded, freely girl. I never think like that. And you put some ideas in my head like i think that, and i'm not but i'm a little unsteady maybe, like in that song from Ambassadors. <3


Why people see me in that way? Becase i look like my dad? But i also have somethin a little blackin my eyes so i'm not heels above the clouds.

 I never think like that in a second. I can't believe what they are shooting. It's like they really totally don't know me. 

 I am sad for what they are think of me.