Dear Mike Pence

Published on 08/28,2020

Yes, i like you so much that it hurts, it pains, it is very much.

But i like Jared very much too. Just like you, the same way... He knows me better..I feel with him better. Just like with Jens Stoltenberg.  There, i've said it...

That doesn't change that i like you so much that it HURTS. But 

I choose Jared. That is the reason. I never wanted to say, but i had to explain. Still, i like you so much that it HURTS.

But, with him... i feel. 


I've chosen. I want to spend my life with him.

YOU HAVE YOUR PRECIOUS WIFE, KAREN. (She is very nice, really) who you always mention. 

I will always be on the internet...And yes, i would have chosen you over Jens Stoltenberg...In a second. 

But, i choose Jared. I have always LOVED you. But...with him, he knows the real me

Somehow i feel like that with him

I choose Jared to spend my life with him. You have your Karen. 

I have always loved you, not 'like' you...


But...You can love multiple persons, i've learned that in my life, up to now.

I have always liked you, and loved you. And i always will. 

But, i've said. You have to choose the one   





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One Response to Dear Mike Pence

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