I'm so disappointed in Mira

Published on 12:49, 05/21,2020

She has turned into...She...How can she follow such foolish people? They don't have anything! They are vulgar, primitive, with no heart, without humour. They are horrible. I never want to be like them! 


She's not like them. She is good. I know her. She would be much, much better, and i bet others would also think better of her , if she was herself. Mira. 


I never want to be friends with such people.  How, doesn't she miss meaningfill conversations? We never talk about private stuff that bothers us (I have Milica, thankfully :) ), we just...laugh, and laugh. They are so shallow.

 I really hope that i'm not too open! I don't want to be like that. But, i would rather have no friends than to be with friends like that. Milica! ❤