Guys i love you so much. i'm gonna cry. i feel you like my friends, i must tell someone this

Published on 18:29, 06/09,2019

I can't believe what just happened. My mum thinks she knows me, my mom thinks i'm a lesbian and that i'm lying to myself. She is my mother and she doesn't know me at all, but i always knew that...All my life i was acting, acting i was more manly, acting i was rough so many years that i'm almost becoming like a man. but, all that time i was acting...

because, i saw she liked me more when i'm not so girly, she 

people are nicer, i never wanted to be someone with whom they will compete. and i'm crying now. who else thinks i'm a lesbian? my mother says i'm lying to myself...but i love men! i LOVE LOVE men. i love everything about them, i feel butterflies..i don't feel anything toward girls.


i was acting all my life, i was trying just for them to be nicer to me 

i just wanted to people around me be nice to me

now i see, even mom realize i am not a lesbian. she somehow understood what Marijana wants about me, and she see that i don't want that. She never knew me, i always knew that...


All my life i was hiding...just to be nice to me. Not to be competition. I speak more rough with Milica, just not to be someone to be jelaous at, someone..i don't know. 

This is so hard. I had to said this, it's much easier to me now.

Now you know. This is so hard.


Published on 14:25, 06/09,2019

:)))) ice cream seller, it's nice.  :) Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiy