i love serbia

Published on 16:06, 01/12,2022

and its people.

but i have enourmous wish to live somewhwere else and Be HAPPY fellows.

 europe sorry <3 love you guys

 volim vas sve  

i love serbia but wanna be happy out there :) :)

Published on 15:54, 01/12,2022


dear europe, usa, russia and the rest of the world

Published on 15:37, 01/12,2022

please get me out of here



i asdore serbia though. thank you folks

Published on 10:10, 01/08,2022


mir boziji, hristos se rodi najboljim ljudima na svetu!!!

Published on 12:10, 01/07,2022


mir boziji, hristos se rodi!!!

Published on 12:05, 01/07,2022


i think serbia is the bessstt

Published on 11:37, 01/07,2022

 would like to live in britain, i like so much its nature. 


Only here in serbia i came across on discimination. i still love serbia though.

Published on 11:20, 01/07,2022

thank you to heaven folks

dear folks

Published on 14:54, 01/05,2022

i don't know how to beg you to rescue me. they've been torturing me on every way. please help me.